We're Expanding Office Locations

While riders and chapters can sign up for Common Courtesy no matter where they live, we are actively growing our satellite offices to expand our impact into more under-served communities. If you're interested in helping grow Common Courtesy in your city, contact us for more information.

Hampton Roads, Virginia

Call the Hampton Roads, Virginia office: 757-472-9727

We've been here for 5 years now.

– Everyone in Hampton Roads loves this!

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    Linda Wheeler

    Affiliate Director

    Linda Wheeler lives in Virginia Beach, VA and is a native of Iowa. Linda has a B.A. Degree from University of Northern Iowa in English. Formerly a teacher, she became a Reverse Mortgage Specialist over 20 years ago. In 2015 Linda reached out to Anne and Bob to initiate the Common Courtesy Program in Virginia Beach also known as Hampton Roads. During that time she presented the program to many Area Agencies and Senior Services governmental agencies. Linda performed all services offered by Common Courtesy including Presentations, trips dispatching (earliest TLC) and Chapter billing. Linda was married to Matt Wheeler, a Navy JAG Officer who we lost to Parkinson’s Disease in 2016.


Call the Florida office: (407) 702-1133

Thank you so much for helping me with information and for being so understanding...and thank you for caring and help.

– Marcelle Petrius, Altamonte Springs, FL

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    Zain Durrani

    Executive Director, Common Courtesy Florida

    Before joining CommonCourtesy, Inc., Zain managed a similar operation for seven years. At CommonCourtesty Florida, Zain looks to provide transportation for the community so that folks can keep their independence.

    Zain and his wife reside in Orlando, Florida, and he enjoys spending time outside at the golf course, strolling through the amusement parks and cycling. At home, you can frequently find Zain in the kitchen trying out a new recipe.

Atlanta HQ

Call the Atlanta HQ office: (678) 809-2521

Seniors that have used the service have absolutely loved it.

– Ken Vanhoose, Fulton County, GA Office of Aging

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    Bob & Anne Carr

    Co-founders, Common Courtesy, Inc.

    Bob and Anne Carr, Co-founders of Common Courtesy also manage the Atlanta headquarters. You can read more about what inspired the Carr's to start common courtesy here.