Ready to ride? We offer two types of accounts to fund trips.

Chapter Accounts

Chapter accounts are for organizations offering transportation to their members. The group provides the initial funds for its members’ rides, and it can continue to contribute funding to the account over time.

Chapter account examples include:

  • A county government funds trips to senior centers for eligible seniors
  • A hospital offers rides for needy patients to attend appointments
  • A church funds trips for members to ride to and from worship services
  • A nonprofit offers transportation for the community it serves
  • And many more...
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Ride Club Accounts

Common Courtesy "Ride Club"  accounts are used by one specific person or family member. Similar to chapter accounts, others can contribute money to the Ride Club accounts.

Common Courtesy Ride Club account examples include:

  • An individual who wishes to fund transportation in order to maintain independence and active lifestyle
  • A family who wishes to offer rides for a grandparent who can no longer drive
  • And many more...
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Rider Safety is Paramount

Commitment to Safety

We take the safety of our riders seriously.

Background Checks

All rideshare drivers must pass background checks.


Common Courtesy, the rideshare companies, and the drivers themselves all have insurance covering the trip.

Real-Time Monitoring

Common Courtesy Transportation Logistics Coordinators are also monitoring each trip in real time and are available by phone throughout the experience.

Reliable Partners

We partner with leading rideshare service providers to ensure your members reach their destinations smoothly and safely.

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