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How it works

Our TLC Team uses rideshare technology to coordinate low-cost trips for those who need transportation.

Step 1 — Say Hello
Browse our options, then get in touch so we can answer any questions.
Step 2 — Sign Up
Register for an account.
  • Chapter accounts: Groups funding rides for members.
  • Common Courtesy "Ride Club" accounts: Rides for one person funded by the rider or a group.
Step 3 — Ride
  • When you’re ready to ride, contact us with your trip information and we’ll schedule and monitor your trip.
  • We’ll provide your driver’s name, vehicle information, and estimated time of arrival so you’ll be ready when he or she arrives.
  • Your driver will already know your destination, so you can sit back and enjoy the trip. When you reach your destination, simply thank your driver and exit the vehicle.
  • We take the safety of our riders seriously. Read about our safety precautions here.
Our founder Bob Carr with a rider.

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Sign up to ride as an individual or pay for a family member, or start a chapter for groups, healthcare providers, governments, and nonprofits.

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