Bridging The Transportation Gap Community Assistance Program

Common Courtesy is excited to launch our "Community Assistance Program," which provides essential transportation for those unable to drive due to health, age, or other barriers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure access to food, healthcare, housing, and quality-of-life services, recognizing that many do not receive needed assistance due to a lack of transportation.

The Problem

Although many Counties and Municipalities fund transportation for many of their citizens, unfortunately, many citizens do not qualify for these programs, or the Counties or Municipalities won't offer discounted services such as Common Courtesy.      

We call on Sponsors & Donors to help bridge this gap.

Our Solution: The Community Assistance Program

Common Courtesy has coordinated over 850,000 rides in eight years to hospitals, senior centers, grocery stores, and more. With your donation, we can fund rides to critical destinations for citizens who have no other way to get to where they need to go. Additionally, we will acknowledge your sponsorship as the funder of each trip you support in the rider’s trip message greeting.

Join Us

Join us now in this critical mission to eliminate transportation barriers, helping those in need lead healthier, barrier-free lives. Your donation can change lives - let's make a difference together.

To donate or learn more, please contact us.
Real-life “need” stories that we could fund with this program include:

  • Vision Loss: Assisting blind individuals with daily needs and chores.
  • Spinal Outpatient: Offering recurring outpatient services for spinal cord injury patients.
  • City Police Department: Transporting victims to court to ensure justice against perpetrators.
  • Unhoused Support: Providing transportation for the unhoused to job interviews, training sessions, and housing opportunities.

Let's unite to provide this essential service to bridge the transportation gap.
Donate today.