Rides for You or Someone You Love Individuals & Families

Common Courtesy proudly offers Joy Rider accounts for individuals or groups seeking transportation for a single rider. Individuals can also bring along up to two other family members, caregivers or friends if they prefer.

Common Courtesy arranges your personal travel through our Joy Ride program using our courteous TLC travel coordinators:

  • Our personal TLCs (Travel Logistics Coordinators) coordinate your rides for you, tracking your ride in real-time and making sure that you and your driver connect.
  • We schedule your rides up to a week in advance or as soon as 30 minutes in advance to make sure you get to your destination.
  • Riders have access to our TLC call line either by landline or mobile phone

Why choose Common Courtesy for you, your family member or friend?

  • Easy To Use: You set the parameters for the types of rides you’d like to fund, then staff or patients simply call Common Courtesy to coordinate trips as needed. You may also coordinate our trips on your own if you choose.
  • Short Wait Times: Riders report wait times of only 5 to 15 minutes on average.
  • Safe: A Common Courtesy representative monitors the trip in real-time and is available by phone for the rider throughout the experience. Rideshare drivers have insurance, pass background checks, and are continually rated for quality.
  • Accessible: Many individuals in need of transportation are unable to access discounted or funded programs from Common Courtesy. But our Travel Logistics Coordinators and technological solutions are here to help!
  • Personal Support: Our TLCs provide the technical expertise and an additional layer of safety and protection—particularly if you do not own or wish to use a complicated smartphone.

Many Use Cases

  • Medical appointments or grocery stores
  • Church or other religious services and activities
  • Ride to gatherings with family and friends
  • Enhance independence and quality of life

“Riding with Common Courtesy is one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me…they helped me get my independence back.”

Mary Carter

Affordable & Safe How Much Does It Cost?

Contact us for a complimentary consultation. We’ll assess your situation and give our advice with no upfront fees.

Save With Our Services

  • Rideshare trips are typically less expensive than taxi trips, and pricing is based on a base fare, a booking fee, and time and distance costs.
  • Common Courtesy "Ride Club" members pay a one-time Registration Fee of $25.
  • Partners typically save $10 - $16 per trip compared to traditional van services for trips of 10 to 15 miles, and we offer easy monthly billing.

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