March 11, 2021 Common Courtesy Provides Local Seniors Free Rides to COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

We are proud to announce that Common Courtesy is now participating in Fulton County GA’s Health Equity Initiative to provide free transportation to COVID-19 vaccination sites for eligible Fulton County, GA seniors who are 60-years-old and above.

Through the program, Common Courtesy will schedule rideshare drivers for up to 2,500 eligible Fulton County, GA seniors per month and provide oversight and guidance as they travel to vaccine sites. The addition of trained coordinators is designed to ease the difficulty some senior citizens face when confronting the logistical challenge of getting to vaccine appointments.

“We’re humbled to help Fulton County, GA residents travel to their COVID-19 vaccination appointments,” said Anne Carr, Co-Founder of Common Courtesy. “Common Courtesy’s mission is to preserve the dignity and mobility of our neighbors who lack transportation options, so we’re privileged to be a part of the solution for local seniors during this public health crisis.”

As part of Fulton County’s Health Equity Initiative, Department of Senior Services officials register eligible seniors who are interested in participating in the program. Common Courtesy follows up by reaching out to registrants to confirm trip details before dispatching rideshare vehicles to take them to and from vaccination sites.

“So many folks are anxious to get vaccinated, so when they learn we can send a car to take them to the site for free, they’re excited, even though they may not have used a rideshare service before,” said Bob Carr, Co-Founder and CEO. “We’ve heard really positive feedback so far: riders have reported smooth trips, courteous and timely drivers, and well-organized vaccine sites.”

Adding Common Courtesy’s Travel Logistics Coordinators into the transportation equation helps alleviate the uncertainty that some older adults might feel when using rideshare services. “Seniors appreciate having a person to speak with,” said Carr. “If a rider has a question or needs help finding the driver, she can call us to have the concern addressed by our TLC since we’re monitoring the trip.”

The service provides participating seniors with up to four trips - to and from their first and second vaccine appointments, at no cost to them. Officials hope the effort will help level the playing field for vaccine access across all parts of Fulton County, while Common Courtesy will continue to play its integral role in bridging the transportation gap.

“As a transportation nonprofit, having the opportunity to work with Fulton County broadens our impact, and we’re so grateful to serve as a transportation contractor and expand our traditional service offerings during this time of heightened need,” said Carr. “This is a prime example of government and private enterprise working together for the common good.”